Our hand-crafted style of log construction begins by selecting high quality Vancouver Island logs (Douglas Fir & Western Red Cedar) with:
•    Minimum taper
•    Straight grain
•    Small knots
•    Tight growth rings
•    Free of defects
•    An average diameter of 12”-14”

Upon deliver to our yard, the logs are carefully bunked up off the ground and peeled by hand. Our unique log peeling method results in the smoothest finished surface in the industry. The cambium layer is removed and then coated with a biodegradable primer and fungicide that slows the drying process and reduces cracking and staining.

The logs are fitted together using a self-draining, full scribe, lateral groove and saddle notch method of joinery. Bottom rounds have a drip slot and flashing. The log walls provide a high “U” value with fibreglass or wool insulation in the grooves. These walls have an engineered bolting system to resist seismic forces. Once your home site is prepared, the logs are numbered, disassembled and loaded on a crane truck to be delivered. The log shell is then re-erected and bolted. When necessary & practical, the entire project can be built on its permanent site.