"Hi Pat,
As promised, here's a year's worth of BC Hydro bills. A very energy-efficient home, I'd have to say!


G Stodola

"Hi Pat, I've had all of the sub-contractors ask who had built the house. They all said that they had not seen such a well built house in years.

We're settling in and loving it!

Thank You!!"

S. Boyd

"Dear Pat, We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the outstanding service you provided on our home.

The work carried out was not only superior craftsmanship; it was done in a very professional manner.

Thanks you again for all your help."

W & A Wikkerink

"Deciding to work with Pat was one of the best decisions we made along the road to building our log home. We had originally intended to attempt to do all the general contracting, and many times we had thanked the powers that be that we decided to make that first contact with Pat. He was very respectful of our (often non-standard) ideas, and we always found a solution to each hurdle that was both cost effective and met our visions. Pat's approach enabled us to co-manage the project as a team. Our personal experiences of smooth and rocky roads when we did some of the sub-contracting for some portions of the project gave us a deep appreciation of the effort Pat made to ensure quality people and materials, and proper timing. Every one of Pat's workers and sub-trades were better than we could have imagined trying to find ourselves. We received (and still receive) comment after comment about the tidiness of the site, how the natural areas just outside the building envelope were left virtually untouched, and about how the technical precision and aesthetic beauty of the construction right from site clearing and foundation throughout to finishing the trim. For the odd inevitable bump in the road that arose, Pat took lots of attention to ensure a smooth solution was made. Whether you intend to tackle most, some or none of the main tasks of building a custom house of any kind, we would highly recommend that you give Pat a call."

M & A Fall

"My name is P.H Langlois. I was involved with Humford Developments Ltd. in doing real estate development from 1975 to 1986. in 1987 I developed a Neighborhood Pub in the Victoria area. The building was a 4000 sq. ft. log building. The contractor was Pat Lintaman. I found Pat to be honest, direct, helpful, respectful, resourceful and capable. He was able to solve problems with unique solutions. The building was constructed within the constraints of the plans and specifications, and for the original price under the contract without extras. Pat prepared the plans and specifications, which were complete and precise. Not only was the resulting building beautiful but also it was well constructed."

P H Langlois