Free One Hour Consultation

Prior to beginning design work, we offer a free “get acquainted” meeting to allow people to view photos and plans, to ask questions and gather any information they need to gain assurance that we can provide the services required. We can compare costs of similar completed projects and if we determine that we have a good fit, we can draw up a contract to secure our services.

As the design works begins we:

•    Gather your ideas and information
•    Determine your needs, wants and lifestyle
•    Conduct a joint site assessment
•    Determine shapes, sizes and produce initial ‘concept’ drawings
•    Meet with you to review the budget
•    Use our computerized budgeting system to determine the scope of project and begin to develop the associated costs.
•    Meet with you to review plans and budget
•    Make adjustments and revisions and produce scaled working drawings

Options: Once the plans are completed, we can also;

•    Draft a final budget according to completed plans to ensure affordability
•    Provide the level of construction services that you choose from site preparation through finishing.